Sample Essay The Long March

The Long March The Long March started in 1934 October and lasted till 1935 October. It was the most historic six thousand miles journey by the Red Army which was China’s Communist Party. It wasn’t just one Long March rather, a series of marches as Communist armies made an escape to the West and North.

Spanish American War Essay

Spanish American War Spanish American war was the conflict between Spain and US which led to the end of Spanish colonial rule and acquisition of new territories in Latin America and Western Pacific. The war was as a result of independence struggle by Cuban which commenced in 1895 February. Numerous sensational newspapers graphically portrayed repressive,

Spanish American War Timeline The timeline of Spanish American war is one that covers key events that lead to a 10 week conflict between the USA and Spain in 1898. This timeline illustrates the drifting relationship between the Spanish and US that ended in Spanish American War. 1800 After long discussions with Cubans residing in

Mexican American War Essay

Mexican American War Mexican American war was fought from 1846 through to 1848. It was between the USA and Mexico. It was the first United States armed conflict to be fought on foreign soil. Mexico was politically pitied and military unprepared to stand up against the administration of United States expansionist President James K. Polk.

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Writing an Argumentative Essay Outline Writing an argumentative essay outline enables you to depict a logical ordering and hierarchical relationship of information in your essay. If you are writing a long essay, a good outline will enable you to keep track of the information that you intend to include in the essay as demonstatred here here.