Thesis Generator Essay

Thesis Generator A thesis generator is a guide, a series of questions that help you to formulate or develop an argument from your topic. It helps you to develop a thesis statement, which is the main idea of your essay in one or two sentences. The statement usually identifies the topic or the writer’s opinion

Rhetorical Analysis Outline

Rhetorical Analysis Outline Rhetorical analysis essay is a paper that analyzes an argument in specific text. The task of writing such an essay is not easy but with an outline, organizing your paper becomes easy. Rhetorical analysis outline is a structure that guides you on how to put your thoughts, ideas and points in the

 How to Write an Essay Fast and Score High Essay writing is common in every college or university in the world. Regardless of the case you are pursuing, you must have paper-writing tips at your fingertips to withstand the pressure. However, more overwhelming are urgent assignments or exams in which you have less than an

 Intrinsic vs. Instrumental Value A comparison of intrinsic value vs. instrumental value brings out the differences and similarities of these ideas. These values have been seen as contrasting ideas since the start of philosophical debates among philosophers. Intrinsic value refers to a philosophic and ethical property. An intrinsic value is a philosophic and ethical value

Sample Essay on Instrumental Variable

Instrumental Variable Instrumental variable is used in estimating casual relationships when a treatment is not delivered to all units successfully or a controlled experiment is not feasible in a randomized experiment in statistics, epidemiology, econometrics and other related disciplines. Philip G. Wright derived the instrumental variable theory for the first time in a book entitled;

US Electoral College The US Electoral College is the highly presumed institution that legitimately elects the president and the vice president of the United States.  It is a process that is established in the United States constitution. An Electoral College is made up of 538 electors who take part in the elections.  Electors are the