Strand Binding Protein Single strand binding protein can simply be defined as protein that binds to single-stranded DNA. This Process usually takes place near the replication fork for stabilization of the single strands. The SSB protein fights towards protecting the single stranded DNA from being consumed by the nucleases through the process of digestion. Besides,

Retinol Binding Protein Retinol binding protein can be simply defined as a type of protein that has a low molecular weight and transports retinol or Vitamin A from the liver to the peripheral tissues. However, it should be noted that this class of proteins can also conduct other various functions in the body. In conjunction

 Insulin-like Growth Factor-Binding Protein Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein refers to proteins that are secreted in vertebrates and have the affinity for binding to IGF-1. These proteins have high affinity for binding IGFs and they modulate the IGFs’ biological actions. There are six different sub-groups of insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins that range from IGFBP-1 to IGFBP-6.

 Insulin-like Growth factor 2 Insulin-like growth factor 2 is also called IGF2. It is one of the three protein hormones whose structure is similar to that of insulin. Scientists define this hormone as a neutral peptide that is well-characterized and the liver is believed to secrete it and circulate it into the blood. Among the

How to Write an Expository Essay for Kids The skills on how to write an expository essay for kids are critical for enhancing your oral and written communication capabilities. In fact, there is so much that you can achieve with good essay writing skills both in and outside school. In the following section, we will

Sample Essay on Rett Syndrome

 Rett Syndrome Rett syndrome [RTT] or cerebroatropic hyperammonemia is a rare disorder that affects the way the human brain develops and functions. It is an infrequent condition that affects about one in 10,000 to 15,000 girls, but it is sometimes found in male patients. Although Rett syndrome is an uncommon genetic disorder, less than one