Sample Essay on Genetic Drift

Genetic Drift The term genetic drift is applied in the genetics of population and it refers to statistical drift that is noted with time of gene frequencies within a population which is as a result of random sample effects in successive generations’ formation. This evolution mechanism occurs as a result of random chance and not

Sample Essay on Genetic Divergence

Genetic Divergence Genetic divergence refers to the process through which 2 or more populations of the same ancestral species amass genetic changes or mutation over time. This often occurs once the populations are reproductively secluded for certain duration. There are instances when subpopulations living in environments that are ecologically distinct show signs of genetic divergence

How to Write a Reflection Paper

How to Write a Reflection Paper Knowing how to write a reflection paper enables you to organize thoughts methodically so that you can gain more from your practical experience. A reflection paper is a paper that gives you an opportunity to add your analysis and thoughts to what you experience or read.  It enables you

The basics of how to write a conclusion for any academic paper Concluding your essay could be a tricky affair. What else do you need to tell the readers when you have presented a good introduction and excellent body? Do you repeat you have just said in previous sections? You will face this dilemma whenever

Tumor Suppression Gene Tumor suppression gene also known as antioncogene refers to genes regulating cell growth. This gene protects the cell from been cancerous and when it mutates causing reduction or loss of function, the cells then progress to cancer. This occurs when other genetic changes are present as well. Loss of the tumor suppressor

Sample Essay on Inbreeding

Inbreeding Inbreeding is a term that defines production of offspring from breeding or mating of organism or individuals that are genetically related which is the contrast of outcrossing which is mating of individuals that are unrelated. By analogy, inbreeding is used in relation to human production but often refers to genetic disorders as well as