United States Debt Ceiling The United States debt ceiling also known as the debt limit is a legislative mechanism that limits the amount of national debt issued by the Treasury through limiting the amount of moey the government can borrow. Debt ceiling therefore is an aggregate figure that’s applied to gross dent which also includes

Pension Obligation Bonds Personal obligation bonds are financing maneuvers that make it possible for local governments and states to ‘wipe out’ pension liabilities that are unfunded by borrowing against future tax revenues. Once this is done, it is followed by investing proceeds in equities and other cases, high yield investments. The reasoning behind this is

Sample Essay on Spasticity

 Spasticity Spasticity refers to a feature of an altered performance of a skeletal muscle in the muscle tone that involves hypertonia. Some people refer to this condition as unusual stiffness, pull of the muscles or tightness. The term spasm is derived from spasms which is a Greek word meaning pulling or drawing. In clinical terms,

Single Strand Binding Protein Single strand binding protein refers to a means by which the cells prevent opened DNA from re-establishing pre-opening of the double helix conformation at replication fork during the process of DNA replication. In simple terms, single strand binding protein binds to the single-stranded regions of the DNA preventing them from annealing

 Retinol Binding Protein Retinol binding protein or simply RBP refers to a proteins’ family that has different functions. These proteins act as the carrier proteins whose role is to bind retinal. Assessment of the retinal binding protein is usually used in determining the mass of visceral protein in nutritional studies that are related to health

 CREB Binding Protein CREB binding protein is also called CREBBP or simply CBP. It is a protein that is encoded by CREBBP gene in humans. CREB binding protein performs its roles through the activation of transcription. In this process, CREB domains manage the interaction with the transcription factors. These are the interaction of nuclear receptor