Reproductive Isolation Reproductive isolation is also called hybridization barriers. It refers to a collection of different mechanisms, psychological processes and behaviors that prevent members or organisms of two distinct species that mate or cross from generating or producing an offspring or ensures that the offspring that can be produced by the individuals is not sterile.

Sample Essay on Inbreeding

 Inbreeding Inbreeding refers to the process of producing offspring by mating or breeding organisms or individuals that are related closely genetically. The opposite of inbreeding is out-crossing which is breeding or mating individuals or organisms that are not related. Analogically, the term inbreeding is used in reproduction in human although it commonly refers to genetic

Sample Essay on Genetic Drift

 Genetic Drift Genetic drift is also called allelic drift. It is change that occurs in the frequency of gene variant or allele in the population. Genetic drift is caused by random sampling. Alleles that are found in an offspring are samples of the ones found in the parents. In addition, chance plays a role in

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 Regulation of Gene Expression Regulation of gene expression involves a range of mechanisms used by cells for purposes of increasing or decreasing production of specific gene products. In biology, there are sophisticated gene expression programs which are widely observed for instance to trigger developmental pathways, adapt to new sources of food or respond to environmental

 Protein Biosynthesis Protein biosynthesis is the process through which biological cells build new proteins and is balanced by loss of cellular proteins through export or degradation. Translation which is protein assembly by ribosomes plays an important role in the pathway of biosynthetic along with messenger RNA generation (mRNA), post-translational modification, co-translational transport and aminoacylation of