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Kids getting older Young

Kids getting older Young

Kids getting older Young

According to studies conducted in the recent years, it is reported that kids are growing faster than ever before. Marketers agree that kids between the ages of three to five years old today behave like children aged eight and nine in the past decades. They are highly aware of brand influences and knowledge compared to the kids of their age in the past years. In this time and age, kids are more exposed to sexual activities, violence, drugs and technology. As a result of all these, kids are introduced to brands that are advertised through these means, at very tender ages. Children who are exposed to programming and televisions are more aware of the brands as a result of the commercials that are broadcast in different slots of the shows.

To some extent, it can be said that managers are to blame for kids getting older young, especially those from well accomplished companies. These big organizations tend to broadcast their adverts on strategic places that are easily accessible to teenagers like vending machines, and schools. Children are then forced to accept that in order to fit and look beautiful, they have to use the products that are being advertised. However, it can also be lack of responsibility on the part of kids that lead them towards acting older. Most of the programs that are aired on TV and online are mainly targeted at adults, but kids watch them too. As a result of this, children are exposed to things that are not appropriate for their ages.

Companies like Goodwin Design Group, are committed to the production of products that are suitable for both kids and their families. The company engages in user-centric and co-creation design since its inception. It is able to achieve this by involving kids and their families in the process of improving products that they need and also manufacturing.



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