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    Sample Essay on Sociological Imagination

    Sociological Imagination Sociological imagination refers to a term that C. Wright Mills introduced in 1959. Mills notes that this term means the ability, quality and capacity of a person’s mind that enables them to establish the relationship between their life and dynamics and forces that affect it (Mills, 2000). Sociological imagination’s main objective is to […]

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    Sample Essay on Jewish Views on Cohabitation

    Jewish Views on Cohabitation Cohabitation is a practice that is significantly finding its way into the society today at a very fast rate. In fact, there are quite a number of couples who are today living together in the way that husband and wife should, but not married. The practice is on the rise and […]

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    Sample Essay on Sikhism Beliefs about God

    Sikhism Beliefs about God Sikhism beliefs about God hold that there is an existence of an uncompromisingly monotheistic God as symbolized by the Ik Onkar. This God is the one Creator and central tenet of the Sikh philosophy. Nevertheless, Sikhs believe that this Creator is an all pervasive being and the sole truth and that […]

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    Sample Essay on Zero Hours Contract

    Zero Hours Contract Zero hour contract which is also known as zero contract hours is a casual working contract that does not guarantee workers any work and only pays for the work carried out. With this type of contract, the worker is expected to avail themselves for work if and when they are called upon […]

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    Sample Essay on Obesity Epidemic

    Over the years, obesity remains a leading health concern among developed countries of the world, including the United States. Research shows ever-rising cases of obesity of among adults and children in America, a trend replicated in most developed and developing nations. While many people would want insinuate that the “obesity endemic” has been blown out […]

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    Sample Essay on the Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban missile crisis refers to a dangerous and direct confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States during the era of the Cold War. This crisis marked the closes moment during which the two countries were almost engaging in a nuclear conflict. This crisis has been considered unique by most […]

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    Effects of the Great Depression in America

    The Great Depression The Great Depression is one of the worst economic events that occurred in America between 1929 and 1932. This period was preceded by economic and credit booms with many individuals and companies investing in the stock market. After the 1929 Crash of the Stock Market, things took a different turn and America’s […]

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    Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation

    Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation The Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation was signed on July 16th 1894. It is also referred to as Aoki- Kimberly Treaty or Nichi Ei Tsusho Kokai Joyaku in Japanese. It was signed between the Japanese and British. This treaty was championed by the Japanese and negotiations begun in […]

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    Training Design for Presentation Skills Sample Paper

    Training Design Executive Summary This report offers an analysis of training design I will use to train trainees on the how to use presentation skills effectively. It is a report that elucidates ways and methods I will use in my training to ensure that trainees get a clear view of these skills and use them […]

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    Sample Paper on Social Real Time Connection Application

    Real Time Connection Application Executive Summary The contemporary society depicts social networking vividly in the lives of the people in almost every aspect including businesses and organizations that wish to remain in touch with customers on real-time basis. Through social networking, organizations have been able to tap various opportunities through digital platform’s establishments. Among the […]

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    Sample Essay on the concept of Tax Progressivity

     Tax Progressivity Progressive tax is a case whereby the charge of tax increases with the rise in taxable amount. Progressive is used to explain an impact of distribution on expenses or income, detailing the development of the rate from low to high, whereby the average tax rate is lower compared to the marginal tax rate. […]

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    Sample Essay on Writing Research Papers

     Writing Research Papers You are wondering Sample how to write an essay on What to do When Writing Research Papers? Writing research papers is one assignment that sends chills down the spine of many students because of the work involved in completing the paper till the point where it can be considered complete, significant and […]

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  • Sample Essay on Writing Research Papers Procedure

     Writing Research Papers Procedure Writing research papers procedure is an important aspect in writing.In the minds of many students, there are no harder assignments than research papers writing assignment. This mentality has been passed on from generation to generation, and has stuck in the minds of many, to the extent that many of them get a […]

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  • Sample Essay on Science Research Writing

      Science Research Writing Science research writing implies doing a systematic intensive investigative study of a given topic in an effort to compile that information into comprehensive research paper that reflects your own understanding of the topic at hand. Science research writing is one task that many students do not really appreciate especially when it has to […]

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