• Value of Education Sample Essay

    Value of Education College education has become a controversial subject in the recent past considering the divergent opinions that parents, teachers and students have had on higher learning. Scholars have also been dragged into the shifting opinion on higher learning, and through research, they have written so much about the changing perspectives on higher education. […]

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  • Sample Story Comparative Essay

    Story Comparative Essay There are several differences and similarities of Franz Kafkas’ Metamorphosis and Leo Tolstoys’ the death of Ivan IIych. Both indicate lifestyle bourgeois that mental and bodily suffering accompanied. Both books have characters that experienced existential crisis which they were able to resolve before dying. Apparently, the suffering described in these books was […]

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  • essaysexperts29

    Writing Comparative Essay:Iphone versus Galaxy Smartphones

    Smartphones Iphone versus Galaxy Mobile phones are an integral part of human life. Mobile phones have undergone transformation as a result of advancement in technology from huge brick like shaped to stylish and small Smartphones which have vastly become leading computing devices throughout the globe. There are more than 1 billion Smartphone users in the […]

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  • Kids getting older Young March 16, 2016
    Kids getting older Young Kids getting older Young According to studies conducted in the recent years, it is reported that kids are growing faster than ever before. Marketers agree that kids between the ages of three to five years old today behave like children aged eight and nine in the past decades. They are highly […]


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